Yesterday I purchased the domain! This means that if you are in the habit of manually typing the url into your browser you no longer have to type “wordpress”. The domain used to be, but it is now If you forget and type the old address, no big deal, you will simply automatically be redirected to

According to the folks at wordpress, if you have subscribed to this blog, your subscription should still work (either by email or to a reader account). However, they do suggest updating the subscription to be safe. I have updated the links on the top right of this page that allow you to subscribe in a reader or subscribe by email. So, you should be able to simply click on either of those to subscribe to

I don’t know about you, but just seems so much more hip (and easy to remember) than! If you are just as excited as I am, consider it my early Christmas present to you. (And don’t expect anything else…)

And if you haven’t already subscribed to deeply committed, why not do it now? By subscribing you don’t have to come directly to the site to check for new content and it will be brought directly to you so you don’t ever miss it. All you have to do is click on the link to subscribe in a reader, or subscribe via email.