Wow! These past few months have been amazing! My daughter is growing and developing. My wife continues to amaze me, and I truly love her more today than I did the day we were married. I finished my first semester of coursework for my Ph.D. at SMU Tuesday, relaxed with my family Wednesday, and flew to Washington, D.C. today. I am here for the weekend for a conference. I am looking forward to reconnecting with some friends I have not seen in a few years. I am also looking forward to spending this evening with my brother.

Many of you know that I went to seminary at Wesley Theological Seminary, which happens to be here in D.C. It will be nice to be back on campus this weekend, though I have been gone long enough that I feel much more like a visitor than I did last time I was here.

I have also been working on editing the proofs for Blueprint for Discipleship: Wesley’s General Rules as a Model for Christian Living. I have committed to getting any changes to the folks at Discipleship Resources by this coming Monday. This means I have a lot of work to squeeze in over the next few days, but it is also exciting, because it also means that the book is getting closer to publication. I have also been very pleased by the endorsements that Blueprint for Discipleship has received thus far. The book has been endorsed by Ted Campbell, Elaine Heath, Bishop Scott Jones, William Lawrence, Michael Slaughter, Doug Strong, and Lovett Weems.

In the next month I will spend some quality time with my family and study for my field exam in 17th and 18th century Church History, which I will take January 16th.

In short, life is good!