Just a quick update to interrupt the consecutive days without posting streak…

I very much enjoyed a respite from the end of semester writing and studying this past week. Tuesday after class Melissa picked me up on campus with dogs and Bethany in tow. We headed straight to Norman to visit Melissa’s family. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I got to catch up on some sleep.

Friday morning we headed to Tulsa to see my folks. It was especially nice to get to see my brother, who was still in town. It was also great to get to see my grandmother, who I hadn’t seen since the end of May. Saturday we put up the Christmas tree and watched a very competitive football game between Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. It is always the hardest game for me to watch all year because Melissa went to OSU and I don’t like rooting against her team.

The best part of the whole week, though, was simply getting to share Bethany with both sides of our family. She is really growing and becoming much more interactive. Having Bethany in my life is an incredible blessing, and I am grateful that she has so many relatives who love her so well.

Today I am feeling rested and ready to finish the work that remains for this semester.