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Goodness gracious, do we care too much about our computer loyalties! Check out the comments that Tony Jones got on his blog when he posted about his new Mac and missing the right click. Some of them are helpful and some are hillarious (my favorite was comment #23)! But what struck me is that Tony writes some insightful and thought-provoking stuff, but it is the mundane post about missing the right-click on his new Mac that gets a quick 23 comments!

Brand loyalty among Mac owners is almost ridiculous. I finally bought the hype last February and bought a MacBook when my PC laptop’s screen would no longer work. I like the Mac very much, I think I would buy another one, but I am definitely not as hardcore as many of the people posting at Tony Jones’ blog. But, I had not figured out that you could change a setting on the trackpad and be able to use a two finger click to replace the PC right-click.

You learn something new everyday.