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The NCAA Tournament will begin minutes of my starting this post. And the best thing about the “dance” is its accessibility, anyone can fill out a bracket. You don’t have to know anything about the teams (I’m still not sure if knowing the teams helps me or hurts me) you can go with the seeding, or ignore it completely. Some years your gut makes you look like a genius (like the year I picked Missouri and Kent State, who were both 12 seeds to go to the elite 8 and I was right about both of them!) and other years it makes you look like an idiot, like my upset picks every other year.

I would like to combine the ability that the bracket brings to make anyone an expert with blogging’s ability to allow anyone to have a platform to pretend to be an expert. Today I am going to post the winners of all 16 games today, and I will timestamp my picks for each day. We’ll see if the picks I make in the later rounds are teams that are even still playing!

The other great thing about blogging is that it is interactive. So, feel free to tell me where you disagree and who you like.

Ok, so here are my picks for Thursday March 20th:

In the East: George Mason and Washington State win

In the Midwest: Kansas, Kent State, Kansas State, and Wisconsin win

In the South: Michigan State, Oral Roberts, Marquette, and Stanford win

In the West: UCLA, Texas A&M, Baylor, Xavier, West Virginia, and Duke win

Let the games begin!