There is a Half Price Books within a mile of our apartment. This has been a constant source of temptation for me. They even have a few shelves that are specifically related to Methodism. I knew this store was going to have a special place in my heart when I noticed the first time I visited that they had the three volume set of Francis Asbury’s Journal and Letters in a special collections case (which is out of print and was published in 1958). The books looked to be in excellent condition. The only problem is that it was $150… far too much for a graduate student.

Yesterday I found myself in this Half Price Books (I have no idea how I got there… it just happens sometimes) and I decided to ask if they would come off the price of the Asbury volumes. I introduced myself to the manager and told him I was a PhD student and that these books were closely related to my research interests, so I was very interested in them but as a student they were way out of my price range. He got them out and said that since they had been there since March he would sell them to me for $75. I asked him if he would take $60. He said he would sell them to me for $75 and give me a 15% off coupon. I couldn’t resist.

It gets better.

When he took me to check out he rang the set of three books up for $50 and still gave me the 15% discount. So I got the three volume set for $42.50! Volume Three also has an insert that has a page from the first publication of Asbury’s journal in 1821.

A great buy for a Methodist history nerd.