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After one week the YouTube video about Reclaiming the Wesleyan Traditionhas received 619 hits (it had 44 when I discovered it a week and a half ago). The video also now comes up on the second page if you search “Wesleyan” on YouTube. So far the video has been posted on 25 different blogs and has been mentioned on two other blogs that I have found.

Here are the folks who have contributed: Hit the Back Button to Move Forward, Step by Step, Friar’s Fires, McKinney Methodist, Divers and Sundry, Stress Penguin, A Walking Paradox, Sunday’s Child, A United Method, Speaking of Grace, UM Portal, Adventures in Revland, Methoblog, Threads from Henry’s Web, My Ramblings, Thoughts of Resurrection, Thoughts from Nick, Accountable Discipleship, Matt Judkins, A Long Obedience, BlakeHuggins.com, Craig Adams, Ramblings from Red Rose, Fuzzy Thinking

The experiment was also mentioned at The Wesley Report, and Allan R. Bevere

If you have not participated in this experiment and would like to, all you have to do is post the you tube video below on your blog.

The original post about this project pointed to a desire to see how much attention Methodist bloggers could bring to one thing if we collectively talked about it for two weeks. As this has developed I have found myself hoping that this will help folks at GBOD, Discipleship Resources, and other folks who are trying to get our message out there realize that there is a tremendous resource in the Methodist blogging world. (Though, this is certainly not to say that the methoblog is a promotional service for Methodist agencies, just that it might be a good idea to keep us in the loop.) At perhaps a deeper level I have also found myself wondering if there are ways that we can work together to raise awareness of our Methodist/Wesleyan heritage. Are there ways that we can focus on what unites us and together build even more momentum and more of a presence on the web? I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

(Full disclosure: I co-authored the book that is promoted in the video. If you want to see how this video was chosen, or why this experiment was started you can read the original post I wrote when I found the video on YouTube and the post that Gavin then wrote – which was what gave me the idea to do this.)