A part of me that I can’t quite explain has always felt at home on on a college campus. I have really enjoyed being back on campus as I have begun to learn my way around Southern Methodist University. My semester officially started today as my Philosophy of Religion seminar met for the first time this morning. As I spent weeks studying for my french language exam and have heard many accounts of how difficult some of the PhD seminars are, I realize that I will face many challenges in the next few years. It is definitely not going to be easy. But today, I couldn’t help but smile as I was walking to class. I couldn’t help but be excited by the challenge, eager to be stretched, and ready to get to work. I am thankful for the time that I had serving with the wonderful people in Lamont, and I still think about them a lot. Yet, today, more than anything else, I just kept thinking – It is good to be back.