People have often commented on just how much Bethany looks like her mom. Rarely has anyone said that she looks like me (by rarely I mean one person). Ultimately, I would have to agree that for the most part, Bethany does look like her mom. However, I would like to offer the following picture as evidence that she looks like her dad too!

I am not sure what made Bethany start to stick her tongue out yesterday (she started doing it on her own… and then I started encouraging her) but she really is such a blessing! I am studying for my French exam that is next Monday, and I am getting a little bit tired… it is just a real blessing to be able to come home at the end of a long day and have your four month old stick her tongue out at you! And really it is hard to take yourself too seriously when you are sticking your tongue out at your daughter… I think it is actually good for the soul. (This serves as yet another illustration of the importance of context, as sticking your tongue out at your Bishop or your boss would probably not have the same effect.)