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I recently discovered that my good friend, and accountability partner in seminary, Shandi Mawokomatanda was recently interviewed on NPR. Shandi was asked to participate in a discussion about the recent elections (if they can be called that) in Zimbabwe and Mugabe’s impact on his native country. Shandi has always expressed a strong connection to Zimbabwe, and he was one of the first people who helped me to learn about places that I had previously not known much about.

Shandi and I got up every morning during my first year of seminary and we read a chapter of the Bible together and prayed. Our time together was a priceless means of grace to me. I was then blessed to have Shandi as one of my groomsmen in my wedding. I am proud that he is my friend and I am proud of his comments on NPR’s “On Point.” You can read the article here. But you really should click on the link in that article that allows you to listen to the show. The entire piece is worth listening to, but Shandi is introduced and makes his contribution starting around minute 30.

This morning, I praise God for friends like Shandi who have led me closer to the heart of God.