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This made me feel old… While driving home from SMU yesterday I was listening to NPR. That was when it happened: I heard a teaser just before the break that said, “Whatever happened to the Nirvana baby, the one on the cover of their genre changing album, Nevermind?” If you don’t already know what that album cover looks like, this post will probably have no interest to you. But, having gone through adolescence in the 90s, I knew exactly what he was talking about. The question seemed so obvious, but I had never thought about it. What did happen to the Nirvana baby?

Following the break on NPR, there was an interview with, and a story about, Spencer Eldin, the now 17 year old, who is also the baby on the cover of Nevermind. This was definitely a trip down memory lane and I found it to be fascinating. (It also made me feel very, very old. I mean, how could the Nirvana baby be getting ready to go to college… I remember when that CD came out…)

You can read the article here. But, I would highly recommend clicking on the “listen now” link when you get to the article. When you do you will get to hear the most surreal part of all, Spencer talking about how much cooler it would have been to grow up in the 90s. You know, when people actually formed real bands, instead of just playing Rock Band. Ah, the good old days.