Yesterday Melissa, Bethany, and I went out to lunch for a very nice Father’s Day meal. As I noticed people coming and going it hit me that it was generally pretty easy to tell who the people were who came from church and who had not gone to church. Obviously, you could be very wrong about who had gone to church and who hadn’t – and I know that at many worship services people may dress more casually than they do almost any other time during the week… but just go with me for a moment.

I remember cringing when I read in a book the story of a waiter saying how they hated working lunch on Sunday because that was when all the Christians ate out and they were notoriously bad tippers. I am guessing that many folks who work in restaurants on Sunday are noting who the Christians are and what difference being a Christian in making in their lives, or isn’t making.

I know this isn’t all that profound, but it just hit me yesterday as I was eating my orange chicken that Sunday at lunch is probably the time in the week when it is most obvious to the rest of the world who the Christians are. If you go out for lunch on Monday and you are dressed up, people will probably just assume you are a white collar worker on your lunch break… but when you show up for lunch looking like you didn’t just roll out of bed on Sunday, many people will assume you came from church.

If I am right, Christians have a wonderful opportunity… but I wonder how many of us are taking advantage of it? If nothing else, I know that next time I eat out after church on Sunday, I will be more aware of what my actions say about the impact that worshipping God is having on my life.