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The seventh sermon “Watching Over One Another in Love” in the “Blueprint for Becoming Disciples” sermon series is now up. You can listen to it on my podcast here.

This sermon discusses the Wesleyan practice of “watching over one another in love” through small group accountability. One of the central arguments of the sermon is that you will either move forward or fall backward in your faith. John Wesley understood this and used small group accountability as a way to help Christians keep their faith in its proper place as the number one priority in their lives. When Christians have gathered together in order to “watch over one another in love” both communities of faith and individual Christians have tended to grow in their love of God and neighbor. Especially for Methodists, when we discontinued this practice we began to decline and lose our zeal.

Have you had any experiences with “watching over one another in love?” How did it help you in your growth as a Christian? What are other thoughts or reactions to this sermon?