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The fourth sermon “Rule #2: Do All the Good that You Can” in the “Blueprint for Becoming Disciples” sermon series is now up. You can listen to it on my podcast here. (I do want to note that the podcast will have the most recent sermon first, and if I upload this past Sunday’s sermon soon, this one may not be the first sermon. Just check the title and if it is something other than “Rule #2: Do All the Good that You Can,” scroll down to find it. You will still be able to listen to it.)This sermon discusses the second General Rule, “Do All the Good that You Can.” The sermon talks about the second part of Jesus’ double commandment to love God, and love neighbor. This sermon provides a way to obey the command to love your neighbor as yourself.
As always, I would love to hear your feedback. What do you think are some particular areas where Methodists are called today to provide a witness in “doing all the good that they can?” Is there anything that you particularly resonate with? Anything that you particularly disagree with?