In a previous post, I included John Wesley’s “Rules of the Band Societies.” The post ended up starting a conversation about online accountability, or “virtual” accountability. The conversation went in several different directions, but the conversation particularly stuck with Bart and he ultimately decided to start a blog that would be dedicated as a place where people could check in daily and post their successes, challenges, and requests for prayer.

I am going to participate in this group, and I would like to invite you to consider whether you would like to be involved too. I am excited about this because my interest in the blogosphere is above all else in whether this is a platform that can be used to encourage people to grow in their faith. I think an accountability blog would be a great place to first, be held personally accountable and second, to learn what works and what can be improved for online accountability.

If you are interested, check out the blog Bart created. Bart and I are the only two involved at this point. We would welcome your feedback and suggestions on how this would work better.

Here are some thoughts I have initially:

  • the blog would multiply every time 9 people became involved. As soon as the 9th person joined, the blog would split into 4 and 5. Someone already in the group would agree to start and maintain the new blog. They would all use the same format, so starting it would be very easy.
  • we would create a page with some basic information about each person in the group as a starting point for getting to know each other with each person’s email address so that we can check in if someone drops out for a few days.
  • participants lift up what they want to be accountable for, it is not the other members job to try to root things out. we trust each other to be open as we feel led to be open about the room we have for growth.
  • i haven’t mentioned this to Bart, but i would like to see covenanting to read Scripture daily and pray for group members be a basic commitment that we make for being a part of the group.

I anticipate that this will be fairly organic at first. We will evolve and improve things as we benefit from the collective wisdom of the folks who would like to participate.

How do you think this could be improved? Would you like to participate? (Even if you are not planning on participating, your feedback on what is good and what could be better about this idea would be greatly appreciated.)