It was good to be an OU fan last night as the Sooners pretty well dominated a very good Missouri team. I was not sure we would be able to beat them twice in the same season. It is amazing that Bob Stoops has now won his 5th Big XII championship with his 5th different starting quarterback. I would not be shocked if his 6th championship comes under the current quarterback.

Meanwhile, the BCS has been exposed as ridiculous at a whole other level. (Check out this poll at where more than a quarter of a million people have voted and more than 80% would approve of a playoff. Apparently the one place where public opinion does not rule is in college football.) I will not even make the case for OU to be in the national championship game. So many teams can make a good argument for why they should be in it this year, that it is almost absurd. I will just say that I would, of course, love to see OU playing for the championship and I think that they would give whoever they played a run for their money. But this afternoon fans of Ohio State, LSU, Georgia, Virginia-Tech, USC, Kansas, Missouri, Hawaii, (insert your team’s name here) are all saying the same thing. No matter what happens it will probably be tough to say with a straight face that there is a consensus “best team in the country” when the season is over.

Either way, just as long as we don’t play Boise State in the Fiesta Bowl, I will be happy!