This week’s Friday Shout Out goes out to Bobby Gruenewald. Bobby is the “Pastor, Innovational Leader” at He is also one of the co-authors of Swerve,’s blog that deals with “leadership, technology, and innovation.”

Ok, Bobby, here is how this works. You have received this week’s “Friday Shout Out.” All you have to do now is shout back. I would particularly be interested to hear what role you think communal formation, especially small group accountability, will play in the internet church, or in online communities in general. Do you prefer physical gatherings for more vulnerable things like holding one another accountable for growing in faith, or do you see potential for online community that could not be met through more conventional small groups? These are just some things I would be particularly interested to hear your thoughts on, but the microphone is yours! You are free to say whatever you like, all you really have to do is shout back!