In Soul Talk, Larry Crabb makes the following comment:

“The weakness of modern Christianity, with its shallow worship and rootless excitement and crowd-friendly relevance, can be traced to one assumption: We think God’s Spirit was sent to earth to give us the happiness that blessings bring” (220).

He continues:

“Now we’re in competition with every other religion and self-help movement and political ideology to produce the good life. It’s a competition we cannot win, because Christ never promised us the blessings of heaven till we get there” (221).

One more:

“Modern Christianity has dramatically reversed its ancient form by assuming that the Spirit is moving toward giving us a good life (as we define it) more than growing Christ in us” (221-222).

These are some pretty hard hitting thoughts. Is Larry Crabb right? Has American Christianity essentially puts its greatest hope for faith in Christ in the idol of comfortability? Are we putting things of secondary importance above our relationship with Christ and trust in God’s will? What do you think?