I have noticed a lot of people posting a badge on their blog that it is an indicator of how readable their blog is. You type the url for your blog and then in about three seconds a badge pops up that tells you what reading level you are.

I think this is bunk.

I entered the url of my blog a few days ago and it said elementary reading level. I was surprised, but I thought, well at least that means people should be able to understand what I am trying to say.

I entered the url of my blog again today, after seeing it again on someone’s blog and I got a different answer:

cash advance

So, I guess I have gotten smarter in a week, or I write smarter…

So then I decided to try another experiment, I entered the url of my old blog (this blog contains all of those old posts, it just has the new ones as well. So you would think it would be a fairly similar writing style.) And I got this very different result:

cash advance

So, the trajectory of my writing is that I started out really smart, then I dramatically regressed, and then I made some improvement. I am being overly dramatic. The point is, I think this is fun, but that it really isn’t saying anything.

But yeah, go ahead and click on the link to see what reading level your blog is, you know you want to…