This past weekend I had the opportunity to participate in the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection’s Wesley Academy with Dr. Doug Strong. I deeply enjoyed the time I spent with the men and women in this class. Their passion for renewal and their commitment was inspirational. I also enjoyed the opportunity to teach part of the class. It is always exciting for me to be able to share with people about the distinct and very important contribution that Wesleyan theology has to make to the church.

I also was able to break bread with Doug and Andrew and Nicole Conard. Andrew and Nicole are fellow Wesley Theological Seminary graduates. It is always a blessing to reconnect with them. I always leave feeling excited and thankful that the United Methodist Church has been gifted with people like Andrew and Nicole.

I noticed Andrew graciously posted about our time together as well at Thoughts of Resurrection. Thanks, Andrew.

I woke up this morning tired from a very full weekend, but also thankful for the ways I was able to sense God’s presence and movement in the United Methodist Church.