This week’s Friday Shout Out goes out to Matt Judkins, one of the youngest, brightest, and most promising pastors in the United Methodist Church. (Matt did not pay me anything to say that.) I got to know Matt at local pastor’s licensing school, when I talked his ear off one night until past our bed times. It was a great conversation and I have enjoyed getting to know Matt better ever since.

Matt, you know the drill, you have all day to shout back. I would be interested to know what your thoughts are about the current state of the United Methodist Church. What causes you concern, and what brings you the most hope? You don’t have to answer this question, the mic is yours. Just, please bring my batting average up to .400! (Friday Shout Out is currently 1 for 4.)

Edit: I forgot to include a link to Matt’s blog Catching Meddlers. You should definitely check it out! I subscribe to it in Google Reader.