I have to be honest, I forgot that I even requested a copy of this book to review. Nevertheless, it seems fitting that I received a copy of Going All The Way by Craig Groeschel on the same day that I sent a shout out to him.

Every time I get a new book, I can’t help but start reading it. Call it compulsion, or whatever you will- but I had to sit down and read the first chapter… and so far so good.

Here is a paragraph that makes me want to keep reading:

Let me warn you: this book may require a radical shift in your thinking. If small changes would do the trick, everyone would be making them. Minor adjustments produce marginal results. Most of us need to overhaul our thought processes. To experience the kind of relationships we long for, we must, with God’s help, prepare to be genuinely different.

I am interested to see where he takes me. I will be posting my thoughts about the book after I am finished reading it.