The book that I co-authored, Reclaiming the Wesleyan Tradition: John Wesley’s Sermons for Today is now available. I don’t have a very good feel for where it is circulating (i.e. where you could walk into a store and pick up a copy). I know it is available in Cokesbury bookstores and it can be bought online through several book sellers.

Reclaiming the Wesleyan Tradition is primarily intended to be a small group study, though an individual could certainly go through it on their own. It is designed to have you read one of John Wesley’s sermons and an accompanying lesson that is intended to help you digest the main ideas in the sermon. There is a brochure about the book under the documents section of this blog, or you can click here to see it. (Note it may take a moment to load, as it is about 2MB.) The first link also takes you to the publisher’s website (Discipleship Resources) where you can view the Table of Contents and read an excerpt.

I was given a few free copies of the book, so I am going to imitate what I have seen a few other bloggers do: If you are willing to blog about this book, I am willing to send a free copy to the first person who emails me with their name, mailing address, and the url of their blog. In sending me this information you are agreeing to read the book and blog about it within a month of receiving it. If you are interested, send me an email at

You can also purchase copies online through Discipleship Resources (they are the publisher), or Cokesbury, or Amazon’s website says 5-7 weeks for delivery. I am not sure why it would take that long, but it may be that Cokesbury or Discipleship Resources are better options.