I have some exciting news to share from my life. I was recently offered, and thrilled to accept, a position in historical theology at Seattle Pacific University. Next year, I will primarily teach in the sequence of courses that are required of all undergraduates, particularly the junior level course in Christian theology. I am really looking forward to teaching and building relationships with undergrads at SPU.

Aside from working with undergrads, another reason I am excited about the opportunity to teach at SPU is that I will also work with graduate students in their contextual education assignments and in the “Abbey” component of the seminary. The Abbey is one part of Seattle Pacific Seminary’s three-fold focus on being an Academy, Abbey, and Apostolate. You can read more about the vision for the seminary here (and you should – the vision for the seminary is amazing!). I am particularly eager to be part of the Abbey component of the seminary, helping students to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ during their time in seminary. For example, students participate in a weekly class meeting throughout their first year in the program, which is right up my alley.

I am also humbled to be associated with the theology faculty at SPU, which is an exceptional group of teachers and scholars. I look forward to getting to know my colleagues better and working with and learning from them.

The only downside to this transition is that Melissa and I have loved living in Dallas (though we will not miss the 100 degree days in the summer). We have been blessed with a great church family and community of friends. When we came to Dallas, we both knew that we would only be here as long as I was a student in the Ph.D. program. And yet, SMU and Dallas became a home for us much more quickly than we expected. There will be many, many people we will miss when it is time to head northwest.

We will move to Seattle sometime in August and my position starts in September. We still have several months to enjoy time with friends here. (There is also the small matter of working on a dissertation!) I know the next several months will go more quickly than we anticipate. Ultimately, I can’t wait. Thanks be to God!