Yesterday Sloan Looney posted about the impact that Munger Place Church is having on her life. As someone who is involved at Munger, I was thrilled to read her positive assessment of Munger.

I wanted to link to Sloan’s post here because it isn’t often that a lay person is so pumped about their church that they take the time to write such a thoughtful essay. Sloan is also a member of one of the Munger small groups, which are patterned after the early Methodist class meeting. My hope is that one of the reasons she has experienced such amazing community at Munger is in part because she is meeting weekly with a group of Christians who listen to how things are in her faith journey and whom she listens to as well.

In a time when there is so much hand-wringing amongst leaders in the UMC, I praise God for signs like this that the Holy Spirit is still at work! One person’s life has been so touched by God through the ministries of a brand new UM congregation, that she is willing to put it into words in a public forum. How cool is that?

Thank you, Sloan!