This week has been wonderful. I was able to have several conversations with people for my AAR paper on Methodist seminaries and the Civil Rights Movement. The research and conversations related to this paper are progressing nicely.

Yesterday I had coffee with Andrew Conard and gave him a quick tour of Perkins School of Theology. (He even got to see my carrel, which to my surprise is apparently not on gowalla.) I really enjoyed the conversation with Andrew and the chance to catch up.

After hanging out with Andrew, I drove to Carrollton Church of the Nazarene to attend the ordination service at the Dallas District Assembly for a good friend of mine, Scott Dermer. Watching my friend be ordained and worshipping with another tradition that is part of the Wesleyan family was inspirational.

To top off a great week, I will be preaching at both services at New Haven United Methodist Church in Tulsa, OK this weekend, as well as visiting with Sunday School classes during the Sunday School hour. I am really looking forward to preaching again and to worshipping with the people at New Haven UMC.