I just finished reading A. Lincoln: A Biography by Ronald C. White, Jr. Under normal circumstances, I would not even have considered reading this book. I probably would have dismissed the book, thinking how could there possibly be a need for another book about Abraham Lincoln? Especially after David Herbert Donald’s Lincoln and Dorris Kearns Goodwin’s Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln.

But then I heard Dr. White speak about Lincoln’s second inaugural address at a Perkins banquet. White is an amazing speaker, and he clearly has both passion and expertise when it comes to Abraham Lincoln. After his presentation, I had to hear more from him. Plus, the book was soon to come out in paperback. So I bought it.

And I am glad that I did. A. Lincoln is the best book I have read on Lincoln. White has a talent for story-telling, making the book a delight to read. He also had a sensitive ear for the role of religion in Lincoln’s personal life and in his political leadership. White told the story of Lincoln’s presidency during the Civil War in a way that suggested (persuasively, in my view) that Lincoln was a man of faith who really wrestled with the role of God in the Civil War, refusing to settle for easy or trite answers.

If you enjoy reading about this period of American History, or you have yet to read a biography of Abraham Lincoln, I highly recommend this book. It is one of those rare books that after I finished it, I was really sad there wasn’t more to read.