Last night I was blessed to experience the kind of fellowship that my soul yearns for and rejoices in when I experience it.

A good friend from seminary sent me an unexpected text message yesterday morning letting me know that he would be coming through Dallas on his way back from a mission trip to Shreveport, LA. The group he was traveling with would be in the Galleria (a mall) for an hour and a half. We had not had an in-depth conversation in a few years, as far as I can recall. But within a few moments, I was reminded that there are some friends with whom you just pick up where you left off. The passage of time does not seem to harm the strength of the friendship.

Last night I experienced the best of Christian fellowship. I was a participant in a conversation where we shared our deepest dreams and hopes, where we questioned and encouraged each other, and where we exhorted one another to seek God through the peaks and valleys of life. As I was driving home last night, I was aware of how blessed I am to have these kinds of friendships and how important they are to my growth as a follower of Christ.

So thank you Andrew for the gift of friendship and fellowship. Thank you for being a means of grace to me. I pray that God will bring us together again sooner, rather than later.