Last week was my birthday and I received several books that I am really looking forward to reading. (And one that I couldn’t put down until I ran out of pages.) Here are the books I will be reading in my 28th year:

1. The Rise of Evangelicalism: The Age of Edwards, Whitefield, and the Wesleys, Mark A. Noll. This is the first volume in IVP’s series The History of Evangelicalism

2. The Divine Dramatist: George Whitefield and the Rise of Modern Evangelicalism, Harry S. Stout

3. Knowing Christ Today: Why We Can Trust Spiritual Knowledge, Dallas Willard

4. Awash in a Sea of Faith: Christianizing the American People, Jon Butler

5. Reluctant Saint?: A Theological Biography of Fletcher of Madeley, Patrick Strieff

6. Unexampled Labours: Letters of the Revd John Fletcher to Leaders in the Evangelical Revival, ed. Peter S. Forsaith. My friend and colleague in the Ph.D. program at SMU also wrote several footnotes for this volume.

7. Real Church? Does it Exist? Can I Find it? Larry Crabb

What are you reading?