I have created a new page that has put together in one place information about my book. The page can be found by clicking on the tab “Blueprint for Discipleship” or by clicking here.

This page has a summary of the book, a link to the Discipleship Resources listing for the book (which has the contents and an excerpt from the book) and the reviews which are on the back of the book (these reviews were by Elaine A. Heath, Scott J. Jones, William B. Lawrence, and Mike Slaughter). I also wanted to have a place to list reviews that were graciously submitted for the book by Ted A. Campbell, Douglas M. Strong, and Lovett Weems but were not included in the print version of the book. Finally, I wanted to have a place to link to reviews of the book that have been written by fellow bloggers. If you have written a review and I have not linked to it, please let me know.