During my last year in seminary, my wife and I became big fans of U2. Since then we have collected most of their albums. We occasionally have pretty divergent music tastes, so it has been fun to have a group that we both really like. We are also neither one the kind of people to anticipate a new album’s release. So, it was fun to look forward to U2’s new album, No Line On The Horizon and pick it up today.

When we were in line to check out, I asked the cashier if I was the first person to buy this album today. I thought this was a funny joke, since I had seen at least three people carrying the CD out of the store as we were going in. Apparently, this just provides further confirmation of my corniness, as the cashier didn’t get it at all… Oh well.

I am listening to the CD for the first time as I type this, so I can’t really give any worthwhile review. But it is good to have a new CD to listen to. (By the way, I just noticed that amazon.com has the album for mp3 downloadfor $3.99… that is crazy!)

Anyone else out there excited about the new U2 CD? What are your thoughts about it?