If I had $359 I would buy a Kindle 2. Yesterday when I visited the amazon.com page, I was greeted by the news that they are releasing a new version of the Kindle, which will be released on February 24, 2009. To be honest, I am not exactly sure of the practical value of a Kindle 2 for an academic. I would guess that many of the books I would want to read on it would not be available. However, the idea of being able to take 1,000 books and magically make them all weight a total of 10.2 ounces is very intriguing.

The weird thing is that Kindles are always on back-order, but I have never actually seen one. I would be very interested to see what it feels like to actually hold one and read the screen. I don’t think I would want to read an entire book on my computer, but the Kindle is supposed to look more like ink on paper than a computer screen.

The Kindle certainly has me intrigued.

What are your thoughts about the Kindle? Have you seen one? Or better yet, do you have one?