When I purchased http://deeplycommitted.com I thought I needed to set up a new feed account through feedburner for the new url. That appears to be incorrect as my old feed still has many subscribers and my new feed has very few. I also think the two feeds are confusing search engines and etc. So, this evening I am going to kill the feed for http://deeplycommitted.com and update the subscription links so that they are back to the old feed. I am posting this before I do this because if you subscribed to the new feed (meaning if you subscribed sometime after mid November 2008 ) you will no longer be subscribed and you will need to re-subscribe. I have already updated the feed subscription links so as soon as you get this, you can update your subscription and you should not miss a post.

Also, if you have not yet subscribed to deeply committed… there is no time like the present!

You can subscribe to the correct feed by clicking the “subscribe in a reader” link at the top right of this page.

If you don’t know what a reader is or don’t want to set one up, you can also subscribe to deeply committed by email (which means that new posts will automatically be sent to you as an email) by clicking “subscribe to deeplycommitted.com via email” in the upper right of this page.