Today was a good mail day. It was such a good day that when I heard the thud outside the door that my very sensitive ears registers as a book being dropped off at the door, when I opened the door a tub had been left at the door, with five books in it! Here were the contents:

1. Gregory Palamas: The Triads(For History of Christian Doctrine)

2. The Way of the Cross Leads Home: The Domestication of American MethodismA. Gregory Schneider (For the History of American Methodism)

3. The Methodist Conference in AmericaRussell E. Richey (For the History of American Methodism)

4. The European ReformationsCarter Lindberg (For the History of Continental Protestantism 16th-18th c.)

And I saved the best for last…. (Actually I opened it first)

5. The Wesley Study BibleI am really excited about this Bible and will try to write more about my first impressions later today.