One of the things that is great about blogging is that you can find out if an idea is terrible simply by the deafening silence that greets a post. Yesterday, when I posted about an experiment to raise awareness of the Methodist blogging presence, I wondered if this would be one of those ideas. I wasn’t even sure if I would hear a calm still voice… though I hoped if nothing else my closest friends would post the video because they felt sorry for me.

Twenty-four hours after posting the invitation to post a YouTube video promoting Reclaiming the Wesleyan Tradition: John Wesley’s Sermons for Todayhas been posted on nine blogs and the experiment has been mentioned on another.

Thanks to these bloggers for posting the video:

Hit the Back Button to Move Forward

Step by Step

Friar’s Fires

McKinney Methodist

Divers and Sundry

Stress Penguin

A Walking Paradox

Sunday’s Child

The original post was also mentioned on this morning’s Morning Report on the Wesley Report.

I am interested to see what the results of this experiment will be. If nothing else this will have been a success, because I have discovered a few Methodist blogs I didn’t know existed. If you haven’t posted the video yet, it is not too late. You can read about the experiment and copy and paste a sample post here. Thanks again to all who have participated.