In a previous post I vented about my frustration with the slanderous emails I received about one of the Presidential candidates. Today I noticed that Adam Hamilton has posted about receiving similar emails. He makes a very interesting (and disturbing) observation that he consistently receives these emails from Christians, not from folks from another religious background, or from people who do not believe in God. Are Christians particularly good at spreading lies, or are we particularly lazy, or uninformed? I appreciate Adam’s post on this topic, and the reasonable response he occasionally offers to the emails he receives.

Steve Rankin has recently posted about a similar trend, except through campaign ads. His disgust at the way that Christians have been influenced by distortions and lies is palpable. And, I must confess I identify with his frustration. I can see how people could come up with good reasons to vote for McCain or Obama. Yet, the reasons Christians offer far too often are not good reasons because they are based in fear or lies. (For example: It is not a good reason to vote for McCain because Obama is a Muslim. In fact, Obama is a professing Christian, which is why that would not be a good reason… it is really pretty straight forward.)

It seems to me that we have a tremendous opportunity in being able to voice our opinion in the political process by voting. This year it has been particularly obvious that with this opportunity comes great responsibility. I believe that Christians have an obligation to be informed and to take the time to separate the truth from lies, and then vote based on the real issues at stake. We should be a city on a hill, or salt and light in an often putrid process… but too often we seem to be the ones that are keeping the rumor mill going and perpetuating misinformation. God help us.

Good thing the election is almost here, maybe I can stay off this soapbox for awhile…

“I’m Kevin and I approve this message.”