Bridwell Library, the library for the Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University, is amazing! Every four months or so Bridwell has a different exhibit which highlights some of the great items that are contained in Bridwell’s special collections. The current exhibit is called “Welcome Additions” and it shows some of the wonderful items that Bridwell has acquired in the last year or so.

I needed a study break last week, so I wandered into the exhibit. I was delighted to see an original letter that written by John Wesley on one side, and written by Thomas Coke on the other.

The first picture is the one by Wesley and the second is the one written by Coke.

Bridwell also has a copy of the Minutes that was given to a “fellow laborer” which was, I believe, the practice for itinerant preachers, they were given a copy of the minutes with an inscription like the one pictured, signed by John Wesley. This one is dated 1789, so Wesley would have been about 86. Here is a picture of the Minutes signed by Wesley:

Now isn’t history fun and exciting?!? (Note: You should be able to click on each picture to see a larger version.)