I promised to list 5 blogs that I subscribe to, and would recommend you subscribe to in my last post on how to set up a reader account.

This was tough! There are so many great blogs out there. But here it goes.

5. The Methoblog. (Search “methoblog” in the add subscriptions box.) This will connect you to many other Methodist bloggers. A great resource for all things Methodist.

4. Vintage Faith (Search “Vintage Faith”) This is Dan Kimball’s blog. You never know what he is going to write about. It is often funny engaging and thought-provoking.

3. Accountable Discipleship (Search “Accountable Discipleship”) Steve Manskar blogs about (no surprise given the title) accountable discipleship. Manskar is one of the voices trying to help United Methodism reclaim the Wesleyan practice of accountability. He has not updated in a while, but the current drought is the longest he has had since I have been tracking his blog.

2. Gen-X Rising (Search “Gen-X Rising”) Andrew Thompson is a ThD student at Duke Divinity. Andrew does an excellent job articulating the issues that face Generation X.

1. Matt Judkins (Search “Matt Judkins” I hope you are starting to see a pattern here…) As long as people like Matt Judkins are pastoring United Methodist Churches, we can, with eyes wide open, claim to have a future with hope. Matt is a gifted writer who makes me think. He is also able to sometimes bring up delicate subjects with pastoral sensitivity.

So there you have it. Subscribe to these five blogs (and mine of course!) and you are off and running.