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If you haven’t seen N.T. Wright’s appearance on the Colbert Report, you should check it out. You can see the video here.

I was struck by two things as I watched this interview: 

  1. Colbert seemed genuinely interested in what N.T. Wright had to say.
  2. While I do not regularly watch the Colbert Report (we don’t even have cable at the moment), this interview seemed to be longer than most of the interviews I have seen him do.
Bishop Wright was on the show to talk about his new book: Surprised by Hope. I was given a copy of the book for my birthday and am really enjoying it so far. I may write more about it later, but after reading roughly a 1/3 of it, I would already strongly recommend it to any Christian who wants to have a more solid grasp of what the Bible teaches about the resurrection, death, and heaven.
(Thanks to Will at Ramblings from Red Rose for making me aware of this interview.)