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I recently submitted a book proposal to Discipleship Resources for a book called A Blueprint for Discipleship: Wesley’s General Rules as a Guide for Christian Living that has been accepted for publication. The sermon series that I recently preached, “A Blueprint for Becoming Disciples”, was based on the work I had already done on the book. (You can listen to those sermons on my podcast by clicking here.)

A Blueprint for Discipleship offers a concrete and practical approach to Christian discipleship that is distinctly Wesleyan. This approach is built on the foundation of the General Rules (do no harm, do good, and practice the spiritual disciplines) and the practice of “watching over one another in love” through small group accountability. The book is primarily aimed at reaching a lay audience. I think it will specifically appeal to members of Wesleyan denominations, but it will have relevance for laity who are interested in growing in their faith from other mainline denominations as well. The book seeks to challenge longtime Christians to take risks and practice their faith, and fan the flames of new Christians who want to know how they can become deeply committed Christians. I believe that there are many people who sense that there is more to being a Christian than where they are currently at, but they are not exactly sure how to move forward. This book seeks to outline an easy to follow method for moving forward in your faith.

The book will consist of the following chapters:

1. Grace: The Foundation for Wesleyan Faith

2. Participation in Our Growth as Disciples: The Goal of Grace

3. The Method Behind the Madness: The Wesleyan Blueprint for Discipleship

4. The First Rule: Do No Harm

5. The Second Rule: Love Your Neighbor as Yourself

6. The Third Rule: Practice the Spiritual Disciplines

7. Finding the Balance

8. Watching Over One Another in Love: The Importance of Christian Community

9. Where Are You Going?

Thus far, writing is going very well. I am getting close to finishing a solid draft. A Blueprint for Discipleship is currently scheduled to be published next spring (2009). I will periodically provide updates about the progress of the book.