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I have been trying to make some practical applications that are specific to the General Rules in my recent sermon series on Wesley’s General Rules. When I preached on the second rule, “Do all the good that you can,” I wanted to think of a concrete way for our church to “do good” to others throughout the season of Lent.

The result of this was the decision to start a campaign at our church during Lent to give to Blood:Water Mission. If you are not familiar with Blood:Water Mission, it is an excellent organization, doing wonderful work. You should go to their website in order to get the most accurate and comprehensive information available, but here is some random info about Blood:Water Mission:

  • $1 provides clean drinking water for one person for one year! That is amazing, and reason enough to want to support Blood:Water Mission.
  • $3,000 will build a well that will provide clean drinking water for a village. Again, this is a pretty amazing result that you could see with a generous, but for many people not completely unimaginable amount of money. (If it seems unimaginable, maybe we need to get a lot more imaginative about ways that we can spend less on ourselves and more on those who lack basic necessities like clean drinking water.)
  • They also work to provide safe blood for blood transfusions. (I have to admit, I am not as clear on the “blood” side of Blood:Water Mission… but it is a part of what they feel called to work toward.)
  • I believe Blood:Water Mission started due to the burden of the members of Jars of Clay, when they were faced with the need during a trip to Africa. (I am not positive that they are the “founders,” but they are definitely involved with it.)
  • Did I mention that $1 will provide clean drinking water for one person (who would not otherwise have clean drinking water) for an entire year?!?
I would encourage you to prayerfully consider giving during this season of Lent (and beyond) to Blood:Water Mission. Can you find ways to cut a few corners and send the money that you save to Blood:Water Mission so that a brother or sister who is thirsty can have a cup of clean, safe, uncontaminated drinking water? You can give directly through their website here.