I enjoyed yesterday’s discussion – If You Could Only Read One Book on Emergent – so much, I thought I would try again. This time I am just curious to hear what you would recommend in a different area. So, if you could have someone read only one book on Methodism what would it be?

There are a lot of different directions that you could go with this. Would it be a history of Methodism? A book on Methodist theology? A book on renewing Methodism? I am curious how you would choose from all of this, what would be the one book, and why.

I am going to actually obey my own rules this time, and only pick one book. Here is the one book I would recommend if I could have them read one book on Methodism:

  1. John Wesley’s Sermons: An Anthology, edited by Albert C. Outler and Richard P. Heitzenrater. I would recommend this because I believe this is the best one volume book that would give someone a solid grasp of Methodist theology as well as insight into the passion and zeal that Wesley and the early Methodists had for becoming deeply committed Christians who relied upon God’s grace to enable them to have a relationship with God and to grow in it. My one hesitation is that it is not the most readable book, as it is Wesley’s own sermons in that good olde English. But I am going with this book, because my premise is that I am recommending a book that the person I recommend it to will read.

So, what would you recommend?