Ice Storm

The weather here in Oklahoma has been crazy. I woke up Sunday morning to a phone call from our church’s organist saying that she would not be able to make the drive in to church. I looked outside, and immediately understood why she would not be able to make the 12 mile drive, everything was covered in a thick layer of ice.

During the day, we didn’t get too much more ice, but south of here in both Tulsa where my parents are and in Norman where my wife’s parents are, they got much more. The picture I have included is from an MSNBC news story posted this morning about the storm. The structure in the picture is of McFarlin UMC, the church that I received my calling to ordained ministry in. So, if there is a plus side in all of this, McFarlin is famous!

Meanwhile, Oklahoma City has received a half inch of ice so far and forecasters are predicting another half inch. Our heater quit working yesterday afternoon, so we are pretty cold, but I can’t imagine how much worse it would be without the electricity that powers the space heaters we have running.

Please pray with me for all the people without power in this very cold weather.