Matt Judkins, at Catching Meddlers has a great post this morning connecting Eugene Peterson’s book Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places with the themes of Advent. Check it out here.

In other news I have been reading two very interesting books that deal with a bit different subject matter than I normally delve into here. First, is Theodore Rex by Edmund Morris. I am certainly not qualified to critique a book about TR, but I would just say it is a very readable and interesting book, as is the first one The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt.

The second book I am reading is one that is giving me a bit better idea of what is ahead for me in the next major stage in my life: being a father. The book is called Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters. It can be a slightly terrifying read, but I appreciate her perspective.

It is good to read in some different areas. My brother is a history buff, and I am hoping that he is going to send some other great history books my way for Christmas. Stay tuned.