For the two people out there who actually keep track of this on a regular basis, you may have noticed that I have not been posting with much regularity, especially other than posting my sermons. I am not sure why, but it has been a struggle to post lately. I also have even left my reader unchecked for long periods of time. (Is there anything more terrifying than signing into Google Reader and seeing that you have 100+ posts to skim… Ok, yes- lots of things are more terrifying than that.)

Earlier this week I did log into my reader, and there were just so many great posts. I am thankful for the people who are spending time and energy thining about the Kingdom of God and doing their best to present it to others. Reading these posts made me want to recommit myself to contributing to the conversation.

It also made me want to say thank you. So, in order to give thanks to these blogs, here are my top 5 blogs that keep me blogging: (listed in no particular order)

1. Catching Meddlers (We roomed together at licensing school, and he has since become an important friend in the Oklahoma Conference.)
2. Thoughts of Resurrection (A good friend of mine from seminary.)
3. Come to the Waters (A blog I have come to really enjoy reading, though I have never met the author.)
4. 33 Names of Grace (Another blog I have come to really enjoy reading, though I have never met the author.)
5. Step By Step (Act now, and you can see a picture of the author with a mohawk! In light of said mohawk, I am struggling with whether I want to acknowledge that he is also a fellow Wesley Seminary grad…)

So, thank you. There are other blogs I read and appreciate, but these are the five I was reading that motivated me that fateful day. I’m not sure if you all feel this, but it is sometimes hard to know if there is anyone out there and if what you are saying is connecting to anyone. You each have said something that has made me think, smile, or laugh and for that I am thankful.