This year in Lamont we decided to try something new. Many people who are a part of our church community are wheat farmers. We wanted to try to find a way to help people see the offering as more than just giving money to the church. We wanted people to see that we offer back to God the gifts that God has given to us and that this certainly includes money, but it includes more than that. So, we thought that one way that we could expand our understanding of the offering was by asking wheat farmers to bring part of their harvest as an offering. We then took this wheat and had it ground by a local farmer who lives in Hunter. The ground wheat (shown in the picture) will be used to make the bread that we use for the Lord’s Supper.

The harvest this year turned out to be very bad in Lamont. Several farmers that I spoke to said that they only cut about 25% of their land before it was declared a loss by their insurance. In some ways I think this has challenged us to give thanks even in the midst of a disappointing year.

Last Sunday we used our first loaf of Lamont wheat bread for Communion. It was really neat, and it did seem to add a layer of meaning both to what we are doing when we offer our tithes to God and to the sacrament of Communion.

What interesting things has your church done to help people to experience the deeper meanings behind the things we do in worship?