This past Sunday I preached on Luke 7:36-50 which recounts the episode where Jesus is having a meal with Simon the Pharisee and a sinful woman begins to wet his feet with her tears and wipe them with her hair. This was one of those sermons where I felt God working on me as I prepared ther sermon. I was deeply struck by the differnce between Simon and the woman. The woman’s humility, and really Simon’s lack of need. The woman seems to find forgiveness and salvation in the midst of her humility and deep awareness of need.

I fear that most American Christians are not aware of how in need they are. We tend to look much more like Simon the Pharisee (except we often don’t take obedience to the law nearly as seriously as Simon does) than we do the woman weeping at the Lord’s feet. I don’t know about you, but it is all too easy for me to forget that I am in need of grace. I sometimes forget that if not for grace I would not even be able to stand. Reading and praying over Luke 7:36-50 was a helpful and humbling reminder that I need to be saved, that I cannot save myself.

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