My friend, Andrew Conard at Thoughts of Resurrection recently posted a review of The Blogging Church by Brian Bailey and Terry Storch. You can read Andrew’s review here.

Based on Andrew’s recommendation, I picked up a copy of The Blogging Church at Annual Conference. I found it to be a fairly quick and easy read. It provides some very practical and helpful suggestions, like putting a picture of the book cover of The Blogging Church in the post where you review The Blogging Church. Check.

I found its biggest strength to be that it helps people who are blogging from within the church to think through some of the things that are at stake in how you present yourself through your blog. It reminds you that you have no control over who reads your blog (hi mom!). And it encourages you to avoid building a home in the “Town of Acrimony.” Rather, Bailey and Storch encourage bloggers to focus on what they are in favor of in relation to ministry. I.e. don’t turn your blog into one big rant about what is wrong with everybody else in the church.

If you are thinking about starting a blog, or if you are relatively new to the blogosphere, this book will likely provide some helpful direction and even give you some confidence that you have some idea of what you are doing.

If you are a blogging veteran, this book will probably not teach you anything new as far as the technical aspect of blogging, but my guess is it might provide some very helpful reminders about why you started blogging in the first place.

Finally, when Andrew reviewed this book, Terry Storch left a comment. I’m not trying to say that I expect Terry to stop by at deeply committed and leave a comment or anything… but I did include a picture of the book cover like they suggested. I’m just saying…