“The United States is home to an increasing number of Revolutionaries. These people are devout followers of Jesus Christ who are serious about their faith, who are constantly worshipping and interacting with God, and whose lives are centered on their belief in Christ. Some of them are aligned with a congregational church, but many of them are not. The key to understanding Revolutionaries is not what church they attend, or even if they attend. Instead, it’s their complete dedication to being thoroughly Christian by viewing every moment of life through a spiritual lens and making every decision in light of biblical principles. These are individuals who are determined to glorify God every day through every thought, word, and deed in their lives” (Barna, 8).

The above quote comes from the book Revolution by George Barna. I have just started this book. In fact, I am currently literally just a few lines past the above quote. But, it is already making me think. Barna hits on something that is very close to my heart: the importance of being a deeply committed Christian. A deeply committed Christian is definitely someone whose life is “centered on their belief in Christ” and who makes “every decision in light of biblical principles.” But is it possible to be a deeply committed Christian without being deeply committed to Christ’s church? And what is going on with the church that so many deeply committed Christians can’t find a church that encourages them in their desire to live lives dedicated to serving and following the Lord?

Your thoughts?